Our consultant designed, developed and supported a system originally for Specialty Assist (later acquired by Collinson Group, to which we then provided ongoing support until mid-2020) which provided full patient tracking for a medical assistance service.

In addition we implemented a financial ‘double entry book keeping’ system which helped them receive invoices from suppliers, relay these invoices to their clients, receive payments from their clients, and then settle the payments with the suppliers.

Our overall project was to:

  • Analyse existing software system (.NET based with MSSQL)
  • Design a new system capable of handling hundreds of medical cases per day and in use by up to 50 staff
  • Deliver project over initial 6-month period, handle roll out to select staff for testing, rapid deployment of fixes/improvements before final roll out
  • Integrate with Access software for billing, providing the front end for invoicing covering ‘double entry bookkeeping’ and payment tracking
  • Developed an all-in-one communications repository allowing emails, faxes and phone calls to be logged in one location
  • Integrated systems for patient repatriation and many more bespoke functions to meet their business needs
  • Different software functionality provided for different personas, i.e. end user, supervisor, manager, senior management, director

This system was in use for nearly a decade, and processed many thousands of cases.

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